Why Choose Homrich Berg Family Office?

Homrich Berg Family Office believes families should find the solution that fits their situation best. We approach our family relationships with a long-term view.  We want our families to understand the value we provide and our commitment to serving them in a comprehensive way with the highest standards of integrity, objectivity, and trust.

Families working with our firm enjoy the benefits of a full team working on their behalf and helping to ease the complexity of their life. Read more about the benefits for your family and how those benefits can apply even if the family does or does not already use a family office team.

Homrich Berg Family Office provides a unique combination of skills and principles that make the firm stand out among the options a family can choose. Many firms say they are a “multifamily office,” but how many can truly offer the experience, expertise and independence that Homrich Berg Family Office offers? Read more about the unique value of Homrich Berg Family Office.

Some families come to us with an existing single family office staff already in place and are pleased to learn that working with us can provide the same level of service without some of the headaches of running a single family office.  Homrich Berg Family Office has absorbed some former family office staff members for a family in the past when it made sense, which just confirms our approach of delivering the right answer for your family. Learn more about the pros and cons of a single family office.