The Unique Value Of Homrich Berg Family Office

Homrich Berg Family Office offers a combination unlike many other firms that have just added “multifamily office” to their letterhead. We encourage families considering our firm to make sure they ask the various firms they are considering whether they meet all of the criteria below:

  • True experience serving family office clients with in-house staff delivering the wide range of services many families value, not just simply advising on investments or creating an estate plan alone
  • True scale to deliver access to a wide range of quality alternative investments often desired by high-net-worth families
  • True independence and objectivity using the fiduciary standard to select only the investments and advisors the firm truly believes best fit with the goals and needs of the family
  • True expertise in both investments (including dedicated staff) and financial planning, with a large staff and resources to deal with special situations and a network of external advisor options on call as needed
  • True history of serving clients for many years, not just recently entering the business

Homrich Berg Family Office is proud to provide all of these valuable benefits to the select families we serve, and look forward to discussing these issues in detail with your family.