Tax Planning

Navigating the world of tax strategies and compliance is an important part of your overall financial plan. Income and estate tax considerations run throughout all aspects of the planning process.  Homrich Berg Family Office develops investment and estate planning strategies that factor both investment and non-investment income sources and their tax implications.  We coordinate closely with your CPA to implement strategies and provide information for timely preparation of tax compliance requirements.  Our goal is to minimize your tax liability in ways that are both sensible and legal for your family.

The chart below provides a high level overview of the HB Family Office tax planning process:

Understand Family Situation

Analyze Current Opportunities

Develop Tax Plan Strategy

Monitor And Refine Plan

  • Understand current and future income sources as well as tax history personally and via businesses
  • Review prior returns and estimate future liabilities related to financial plan and investments plan
  • Prepare tax projections using current situation
  • Identify tax saving opportunities
  • Identify impact on financial, estate, and investment plans
  • Assess complexity and implications for family
  • Assess and present legal alternatives for creatively minimizing tax liability
  • Agree with family on go forward tax strategies
  • Coordinate with investments team and outside attorneys as needed to implement strategies
  • Prepare revised tax projections
  • Review annual tax returns working with outside tax firm if appropriate
  • Monitor changes in tax laws, investments, business situation, family assets, relationships, etc. for potential family tax impact
  • Suggest revisions to game plan as warranted