Our Beliefs About Serving Families

While many of these statements are emphasized elsewhere in our discussion of our services, it is important to clearly state some of our core beliefs with respect to serving families at Homrich Berg:

  • Every Homrich Berg Family Office client situation is unique, complex, and confidential — we are a team of professionals providing service to the family with excellence and discretion.
  • Homrich Berg Family Office works with the other advisors on the family's team — we are the coach making sure that everyone is running the right plays and will give the family objective feedback on everyone on the team.
  • Homrich Berg Family Office is independent and objective — our only client and our only source of income is the family itself, and we will operate using the fiduciary standard to evaluate all decisions through the filter of what is best for the family.
  • Homrich Berg Family Office provides the comprehensive picture, combining information from all of the advisors, investment managers, businesses, assets, family members, etc. into one family report.
  • The level and type of service we provide will be tailored to fit the needs of the family — some services may not make sense for some families, and there will always be special projects that never show up on any list of services.
  • If appropriate we will discuss potentially hiring current family office staff to be part of the team — we are flexible and have done that successfully with a family office client historically when it made sense.
  • We are planning for a long-term relationship and are just as interested in "interviewing" potential new families as the family is interested in evaluating us.