Lifestyle and Asset Management

Each family has unique assets that may require special attention or management. For some it is an extra home or piece of property; for others it may be a private aircraft or a yacht. Some purchases may purely be for family enjoyment, while others may double as an investment. Some families may not have many extra assets to manage but may instead have many unique needs related to their family's travels or lifestyle at home.

Homrich Berg Family Office has provided all of the following services for families using in-house staff, but can also advise families on using outside resources as well:

  • High level business advisory services (if family owns a business)
  • Management of transportation assets including cars, boats, and personal aircraft
  • Property management (houses, commercial properties, art, wine, etc.)
  • Concierge and travel services
  • Chartered flights
  • Property acquisitions and sales
  • Negotiation assistance for contracts, leases, etc.
  • Management of outside vendors
  • Special projects

Our goal is to provide the services valued by the family with excellence and cost effectiveness. We have expertise working with these issues and a track record of satisfaction and service for our families.