Financial Planning

All steps in the process begin with a comprehensive financial plan. This plan incorporates lifetime cash flow analysis, investment planning, tax planning, and estate planning elements. We combine this information into the overall cash flow analysis that can then be used to test different approaches initially and also updated over time as your situation changes.

In the simplest view, a family can do four things with its money now and in the future:

  • Spend it on their lifestyle
  • Give it away to people and charities
  • Leave it to future generations
  • Let the government have a portion of it for tax revenues

Our goal is to understand the family's goals around the first three options and then minimize the fourth option as much as possible!

It is always important to remember that success is not always defined as the maximizing of your investment returns. Your family financial plan involves complex choices related to risk tolerance, time horizons, liquidity needs, tax implications, generational transfer desires, cash flow needs, and philanthropy goals. Homrich Berg Family Office works with you initially and over time to construct the financial plan customized to fit your needs and perspective on these issues

You can learn more about the building blocks of our planning process in the sections discussing investment management tax planning, and estate planning.

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