Family Governance

Homrich Berg Family Office provides assistance to families with the concerns and questions often raised about family issues, whether related to the family business or just the personal growth of family members over time.

Families involved with the ownership and/or management of a family business will face complex questions regarding succession, liquidity events, and business strategy that all could have an impact on the family financially and ultimately on the family legacy. Homrich Berg Family Office can work with the family to evaluate the alternatives and sort through the options now and in the future.

Preparing the next generation can be a challenging issue for many families. Educating your children and raising them with the skills to be financially wise and independent is not easy for anyone, but families with significant wealth will often face additional challenges. Homrich Berg Family Office can work with you on a game plan for discussing these issues over time with your children and structuring your transfer of wealth and business roles to achieve the right balance with their ability to manage their responsibilities.

Services in this area include:

  • Succession planning
  • Financial education for younger generations
  • Mentoring of children as appropriate and requested
  • Family meeting coordination and planning
  • Access to family business consultants as needed if appropriate and assistance with managing their services