Estate Planning

What is the best way to achieve your long term goals for passing wealth to future generations? How can you most effectively meet the charitable goals you want to achieve? If you have already built an estate plan historically, is it still aligned with your current situation and goals?

Homrich Berg Family Office team members can work with your attorneys or recommend specialists to work with you as we assess your current situation and create new approaches as needed. We have the expertise to help you wade through all of the acronyms and strategies in order to understand the approach best suited for your family. If appropriate, we can also assist you with managing the appropriate trustee services related to the entities created or already in place as part of the strategy.

Below is a brief overview of our estate planning process:

Understand Client Goals

Analyze Current Situation

Develop Estate Plan Strategy

Monitor And Refine Plan

  • Review wealth transfer goals (i.e. wealth transfer, philanthropy, asset protection, business succession, etc.)
  • Identify unique assets for special analysis (e.g. “no one in my family wants this mountain property”)
  • Ensure understanding of unique needs of each heir
  • Develop comprehensive personal balance sheet
  • Confirm asset titling
  • Review current estate plan and diagram flow of funds
  • Build other relevant analyses including liquidity needs, survivor income, etc. as needed
  • Assess alternatives for creatively reaching client goals
  • Establish new strategy to reach desired goals for client approval
  • Coordinate with estate planning attorney to revise or create documents as needed
  • Coordinate any asset titling changes needed
  • Review goals and situation for any major changes
  • Suggest revisions to game plan as warranted